Porter Cable C2002 WK Portable Air Compressor Review

By | March 18, 2017

Until recently, I was sentenced to hearing my wife’s objections (suggestions?) regarding repairing that old fence of ours. And I was too lazy (I prefer scared) to go to the store and buy us a mobile air compressor. The problem was that I didn’t know which one to buy and I didn’t want to spend my money on some big, noisy compressors that are too hard to handle and even harder to clean after them. I can imagine how desperate I looked when the store clerk approached me and said, “Don’t worry, we got you covered.” And he pointed at Porter Cable C2002 WK Portable Air Compressor. That was a sign!



6 gallons storage tank

The pancake style air compressors gas tank refills in less than 3 minutes (from zero to full tank capacity), which makes it a reliable tool, especially when you need to do a lot of different types of work (filling the flat tires or using the paint sprayer) in the short period of time.

150 psi air pressure

Since the tank is designed for 150 psi air pressure, that gives you a longer running time of the compressor. Also, that also means a faster recovery time thanks to its SCFM rate (2.5 SCFM at 90 psi). In addition, there are two separate connect fittings, so you can easily perform two separate jobs at once.

120 V motor

We all know that the amperage is the most important feature of an air compressor. This one comes with a standard 120V motor, thus with a low amperage. But, the greatest feature of the motor is that it easily starts in cold weather.

Oil-free pump

With oil-free pump, the maintenance of this air compressor takes no effort at all. You don’t have to worry whether you’ll get dirty hands or leave oil marks on the floors and carpets.



With 150 psi and 120V motor, this Porter Cable model will give you the best performance for a relatively long time. It can be used as a professional or as a household tool.

Easy to maintain

Because of the oil-free pump, you don’t have to worry about oil stains in your house or on your hands and clothes.


Considering the motor amperage and SFCM rate, this air compressor can run longer than most others, giving you the chance to work freely for whatever time you like. Also, its recovery time is very fast, giving you an almost instant refill to the full capacity.


Not very impressive quality of the accessories included with the kit. Most of the parts are made of medium quality materials, which won’t satisfy any customer. Also, this is definitely not suitable for professional use also.


In overall, Porter Cable C2002 WK Air Compressor is a great and relatively affordable investment for every household. It guarantees you an excellent performance – with 6 gallon capacity tank set up at 150 psi for maximum pressure, you will be able to perform two different tasks at the same time.

Its durability and recovery time are also incomparable to other models, and it can run even in cold weather. You will get a reliable and professional tool at a relatively low cost. It is the best portable air compressor for me (more info).

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