Wild about grasses

Strap-like leaves that sway in the slightest breeze and the variety of attractive forms are two of the reasons ornamental grasses are so popular. Ornamental grasses include both true grasses and plants with a grass-like appearance such as indigenous ratios, water-loving sedges (cyperus) and rushes (Juncus), plants in the lily family like Ophiopogon spp. (better… Read More »

New House

Carved out of a piece of veld, this country garden features organic lines and a multitude of grasses. In mid-2013, before their new house was built, Dawie and Marika Swart approached landscape designer Grant Gove and requested him to turn their bare “plot of veld” in an estate in Gauteng into an appealing garden that… Read More »

What is a Zero Entry Swimming Pool?

A zero entry pool is also called a beach entry pool and the design is to give one the same experience as going to the beach without the sand. Just as you do at the lakeside beach, you will enter your pool into shallow water and as you walk into it the water will slowly… Read More »