How to Work as a truck driver in Walmart and Swift Transportation

By | April 20, 2018

Truck driving is like any other great and rewarding career especially to those who love and enjoy driving and those who don’t mind a lot in been away from their home in long period of time.Truck driving is a well paying career, though it requires commitment and self sacrifice.

A truck driver schedule is his/her master since one have to follow it strictly and this my seem to a bother new truck driver in the profession. Read the guide below to know how to become a great truck driver.

Transportation of goods

Provided that you have are a trained and a licensed driver, below are guidelines that can be of great help to you.
1) Clearly know the salary you expect.
In most cases the commercial truck drivers salary are based on:
  •    A) Type of the trucking work done by the drivers.
    What the truck drivers transport greatly determine how much a driver will be paid, I.E those transporting hazardous and dangerous chemical or gases will be paid more than those transporting normal products.
  •    B) Experience level of the driver.
    The more experienced the driver is the more salary one is paid.
  •    C) Company in which the driver works with.
    Also the Salary may varies from one company to another, therefore there are those who pays more than others.
    Also there that tend to increase salary in your salary as one continues staying with the same company
2) Consider the cons and pros of the job.
On positive side, a truck driving career requires short training time and high decent starting salary and benefits.This ensure considerable flexibility of types of driving you can do.
On negative side,a truck should be aware of how demanding this job is since one need to meet very tight and fixed delivery schedules and also dangers involved in this job.
3) Make sure you talk with experienced and established drivers.
If your are about to start doing this business of truck driving, its highly advisable to talk to those drivers who are already established in the business since they can give you critical guidelines and advise that maybe of great help to you.
4) Clearly read and understand the commercial drivers manual.
This ensures that a driver is able to know what is needed of him/her as a commercial truck driver.
The manual contains traffic rules to be followed by truck drivers, and other important things such as code of conduct and much more.
 Swift Transportation
5) Apply for the job.
Apply for the job in your favourite company and after orientation and passing the company requirement be ready to advance in your career. Quality of best trucking companies work
A good trucking company should to work for should:
  •    A) Always put their drivers safety as first priority.
    A company should firstly be concerned with the safety.This show how the company is committed to both their customers and employees .
    The company can ensure safety through setting up standards by training its employees and also through strictly and seriously ensuring that the standards are been followed to letter.
  •    B) Motivation
    A good company should always motivate its worker through giving grants, compensation, benefits packages,  salary rise and team work.
    This ensures that the drivers feels motivated and works hard and with determination toward the company success
  •    C) Consider how a company keeps its fleet.
    Another factor to consider whether a company is worth working for is how well a company take care of its fleet.

This is ensured by how company uses current technology for increased efficiency and fuel saving should be considered. Walmart vs Swift Transportation.

Walmart transportation.

Cargo transportation of Walmart

Walmart transporters are based in America and its involved in products transportation across the country. Efficiency and sustainability are the major goals and objective of the walmart.
They achieve their goals through effective techniques of driving, use of new technology and improved processes.

Swift transportation.

It’s one of the largest truck load motor shipping company based in phoenix, Arizona in America. Basically, the company have almost over 16,000 trucks.
The swift transportation company started its operations in 1966. Swift is one of the biggest employer of truck drivers since the company cannot effectively conduct its operation without them.
The company ensure swift transportation of its product and also it gives its employees good salary and work benefits.
It have a splendid management which ensure the safety of it’s employees and customers.