What size portable generator do I need?

What size portable generator do I need? Well, this is a very important question to ask yourself before making any purchase. It is true that the market holds many portable generators distinguished by their size, color, quality, and weight. But if you are looking for a portable generator, then the size is one important factor… Read More »

How to Use a Wood Router for Beginners

Wood routers are one of the best tools to use especially if you are really familiar with hardware works. For experts, wood routers are very effective and efficient to use but for beginners, it is another unfamiliar tool from the outer space. So let’s learn the basics about wood routers.

Be More Cat

Domestic cats have a far greater need for social communication and signalling than their wild counterparts. However, they are still genetically and behaviourally very similar to their asocial ancestors, so their ability to communicate socially is thought to be somewhat limited. In effect, domestic cats only have a restricted number of signals to ‘choose from’… Read More »

Black and Decker LHT2220B Hedge Trimmer Review

The great way with which you will be able to fulfill your work is through the best hedge trimmer (see more here). From the start to finish, the cordless hedge trimmer is very powerful and gives 40% less vibration with the full amount of comfort that comes along with a rechargeable battery. It can give… Read More »

Back to Nature

Jane Griffiths converted her chlorine pool into a natural wetland, using plants to filter and clean the water. When we moved into our house, there was a sparkling blue pool. After the first summer storm, it instantly turned green. So began an ongoing battle involving pool testers and endless visits to the pool shop to… Read More »

Useful advices for gardeners

Zinnias Zinnias are back in fashion and there are many new cultivars and hybrids. Some arc tall, others small and neat. They have single, double and even cactus-type flowers in colours you’ll find in a Persian carpet. Height: 15-90cm. GROWING TIPS: Plant them in full sun. They’ll tolerate dry periods and heat. Don’t plant them… Read More »

How To Heat A Pool With A Heater

Swimming pools are important recreational facilities both for domestic and commercial use. They, therefore, need to be maintained and installed with all equipment that is deemed necessary for them. Several methods can be used to heat you pool. Every method has its strengths and weaknesses. While making a decision on which method to use for… Read More »